Leaders: is a comprehensive training strategy for developing leaders at all levels who effectively live and lead others out of their identity in Jesus Christ.

Leadership is primarily about moving people to maturity, a big part of which is the ability to reproduce the faith and life of following Jesus into others. Multiplying this gospel DNA is our core strategy at every level of leadership.

We are creating movement toward mission and leadership within the church through three progressive tiers of training:

The Leaders: Basic Course

The Basic Course will meet you where you are and move you to lay a solid foundation for truly living out your identity in Jesus Christ.

The Leaders: Leadership Course

The Leadership Course builds on your foundation and moves you to effectively lead groups of people in missional communities to live out their identity in Jesus Christ.

The Leaders: Advanced Course

The Advanced Course leverages your leadership experience and moves you to begin new initiatives, develop strong leaders, and multiply missional communities within a region.

For those God is calling to devote themselves full-time to pastor and plant new churches, there is also an aggressive professional level training option:

The Leaders: Vocational Track

This two-year full-time apprenticeship includes all three Leaders: courses as well as advanced theological training and organizational leadership experience.

To what is God calling you?

Learn more about the Leaders: program please email us at leaders@church21.ca and ask about:

  • How to start the Leaders: courses
  • How to apply for the Leaders: Vocational Track
  • How to financially invest in Leaders:
  • How to encourage others to engage this training
  • How to provide this training for university students
  • How to implement a strategy like Leaders: at my church
  • Other questions

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