We believe that our true Christian and Québec roots are not primarily connected to a building, the Mass, or any other ceremony. They go much deeper than that.

Our Christian and Québec roots call us to an authentic and communal life of loving God and our neighbour. In the 21st century, we are relearning what it means to be part of God’s family as disciples and servants of Jesus who participate with him on his mission.

God is transforming his world through the powerful message and reality of the gospel. God allows us to help co-create the culture that he desires for all to experience.

Here are the cultural values that Church 21 wants to experience, cultivate, and demonstrate:

Culture of Pursuit
God is near. God is relational. And God pursues individuals in order to demonstrate his love and invite us into being the people he made us to be. He values pursuing.

Since God values pursuing others, we want to pursue God. If we want to see profound transformation in our lives, it can only come through searching the presence of God.

Therefore, we pursue God’s presence both individually and collectively in order to experience and enjoy him and his love everyday. It is only his love that can transform lives, families, cities, and the world.

Culture of Sacrifice
According to Jesus, the greatest act of love is expressed by one laying their life down for their friend. We believe that the best aspects of life, which include love, justice, peace, and generosity, are impossible to experience unless someone is willing to make the necessary sacrifice.

Jesus sacrifices generously which is most clearly demonstrated through his giving up himself for us. Because of Jesus, we can now properly desire and sacrifice in order to develop a culture of generosity. No longer do we need to think of “me” but can focus on the benefit of the community.

Jesus transforms us to sacrifice for the good of others.

Culture of Belonging
You were made to belong and be known. Becoming a follower of Jesus is often a long journey that involves many questions, doubts, revelations, and disappointments. Along the way, periods of loneliness can creep up and disorient us. It is at times like these you will need others to walk alongside you as family.

Jesus did not come to rescue those who have their life in proper order. Instead, he came to invite the imperfect to follow him and be part of his family. Jesus commenced a culture of welcoming the outsider and helping them have a sense of truly belonging.

We want to welcome you to belong and be a part of Church 21 in the same way that Jesus does. Regardless of where you come from, you are welcome. God welcomes you into his family and therefore, you have an equal place in our midst.

Culture of Renewal
Our world contains immense amounts of brokenness. But God will not leave things as they currently are. He promises to repair and renew all things. This is a promise of epic proportions! This means relationships, family, systems, and all of nature will one day be restored.

What a dream!

As a church we want to join God in his plan to make all things new!

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