In-person gatherings have been temporarily suspended due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Dear Church 21 Family,

After meeting with our pastoral team, we have made the decision to submit to the government’s order limiting attendance to activities in a public setting, including rentals for church gatherings, to 25 or less.

Our Sunday gathering will be held online at at 10:00 am, filmed live with a small production team.  We also have 25-person safe, sanitized, and spacious in-person gatherings Downtown, NDG, Verdun, the South Shore, and on the West Island. To register for one of these gatherings, visit our registration page on

Connect with your city group leader regarding mid-week opportunities. If you don’t have one, contact

Updates will be on our Facebook page, website, and sent by email.

After experiencing the joy and fellowship of many being together again, we understand this news to be difficult. We trust God and we pray that you will be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy. Col 1:11  

Please let me know how we can better care for you during this time,

Jordan Weeks
Local Pastor
Church 21 Downtown Montreal


(Live Broadcast, Sunday at 10:00 AM)


(In-person gatherings have been temporarily suspended due to current COVID-19 restrictions)



1. How should I think about those going, or staying home?

We know that we are not all going to make the same decision around gathering. As elders, what we want to guard against is disunity around this issue. Some think that by obeying the precautions stipulated by the government we should be fine. Others think that is too risky. 

We want to say this. It’s okay to stay home and keep tuning in to our online gatherings. It is also okay to come to our gatherings. This is not a gospel issue, except when it comes to your motivation. 

What motivates you to stay home … or gather? In either case, are you proud about the decision you have made and think that anyone who does anything different is inferior and doesn’t really love their neighbours? Then there is a heart issue to tackle. We will not be the church more when we gather than when we were confined to our houses. But a key element of the church is that we do gather as much as possible.

As a pastoral team along with our staff, we have decided that we are going to start gathering in person. We will have all mandated precautions in place such as social distancing, wearing masks when not seated, etc. We do not want to be risky. We want to be wise, and for those who are able to gather, we would welcome you. The key to this time is that you do what the Lord wants. Examine your motivations. His will is for us to be a gathered church, but at this moment, that might not be the wisest decision for you. Whatever you decide, your pastors will continue, with help of the Spirit, continue to lead, feed, care, and protect you.

2. Should I bring my children to the service?

Yes! We have attempted to prepare a family-style worship service for children of all ages to engage throughout our time of worship. We welcome the noise as signs of life in our midst.

3. What safety precautions is the venue taking?

We are responsible for all cleaning practices throughout the building (lobby, washrooms, high traffic areas, etc.). 

4. Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, in Quebec wearing a mask or face covering that covers the nose and mouth is  mandatory in enclosed or partially enclosed public places, including places of worship. A face shield may not be worn instead of a mask or face covering.

Notable exceptions are children under the age of 10 and people with a significant disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering safely (e.g. those with severe breathing or cognitive difficulties or who are unable to put on or take off their face covering without help). Please consult the Government website here for more information. 

5. What do I do if I find out I have COVID-19 and attended a service?

Immediately let us know by emailing and and we will communicate with everyone who attended the gathering the same weeks as you by email. We are able to do contract tracing using the reservation system.

6. How are you doing contact tracing?

The reservation information from will be saved in order to help health authorities do contact tracing. Should someone at Church 21 who attended a Sunday gathering become infected, we will communicate to everyone who RSVP’d by email based on their reservation information submitted. 

7. Will we be able to group sing?

Unfortunately not. While research is rapidly changing what we know about COVID-19, mounting evidence strongly suggests that singing significantly increases transmission of the disease. According to experts “[Group] Singing in a room for an extended period of time, in close contact with lots of people and no ventilation — that’s a recipe for disaster”, and has been described as “extremely dangerous and irresponsible”. This is because the way singing has been long known to increase aerosol spread for diseases like tuberculosis. In addition, social distancing and continuously wearing masks do not sufficiently contain the aerosol spread caused by singing, because singers inhale deeply and thus exhale more moisture into the air. 

Thankfully, there are other ways we can express worship such as being present, clapping, the recitation of psalms, communion, and prayer.

8. Will we be taking communion?

Yes. We have found self-serve packets that enable those who are comfortable to take communion in a safe way.

9. Do I need to reserve seating?

Yes. Due to our government’s requirements for social distancing, seating is limited to 25 plus facilitators in the venue. To attend in person services, you will need to reserve at You need to reserve a seat for you and every family member, even if you are scheduled to serve that Sunday. We would invite you to attend our online service if you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, or travelling outside the country in the last 14 days.

Upon reservation, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you are unable to attend, please click the link in the confirmation email to release your seats to someone else. 

The reservation information from will be saved in order to help health authorities do contact tracing. Should someone at Church 21 who attended a Sunday gathering become infected, we will communicate to everyone who RSVP’d by email based on their reservation information. 

10. Can I sit with people I know & how will social distancing be in the venue?

No, unless you are a member of the same household. In some of our venue locations, when you arrive in the venue you will be seated by ushers

Social distancing in the venue will be as follows. If seats are fixed, we will leave every other row empty between seats, and two empty seats will be left between each household in order to keep the 1.5m physical distance. 

Families can request aisle priority in case children need to use the washroom during the service. Expect entering and exiting the venue to take longer.

11. Will I still be able to watch online?

Yes. We want our gathering to still be fully accessible for those who are unable to attend. The online gathering at will be at 10:00 AM on Sundays. You can also listen to the podcast.

12. Are those speaking and leading required to keep masks on?

No, a portion of the law states that masks may be removed if required for the exercising of your profession. We would suggest that when preaching, leading, singing etc. it is required that people see your lips, and therefore you need to remove the mask to exercise your profession.

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